Are you uncomfortable in your body?

Struggling with disordered eating?

Can’t get a grip on the emotional eating?

Sick of counting calories and letting the number on the scale dictate your life?

Want to lose weight but just can’t?

Fed up with beating yourself up?

Feeling a disconnect from yourself and your soul?

You are in the right place! If you answered Yes to these questions, you are ready to create a healthy relationship to food, to yourself, and to your soul! In a completely non-judgemental, extremely optimistic and supportive space, you will receive ongoing professional guidance toward cultivating a sustainable lifestyle and mindset shift. As your coach, mentor, and accountability partner, you receive full support in healing yourself from the inside-out, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Your personalized plan tailored to your specific needs will deeply support you in creating massive improvement in your life.

“In just our first conversation I came to some major revelations about how I wanted to live my life. Stephanie opened my eyes to new concepts that ended up being revolutionary in my relationship to myself, and with food.”

Allison D., Long Island, NY

“After only three sessions, I already feel such a difference! I am starting to feel more confidence and capable of achieving my goals! Stephanie is helping me look at myself in a whole new perspective. I love working with her!”

Kim K., Long Island, NY

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • Deeply nourish your body from the inside-out
  • Find the proper food choices for you by deciphering your body’s unique needs.
  • Understand, navigate and reduce food cravings
  • Develop and implement self-care ritual to maximize your energy
  • Shift your mindset to enhance your confidence, self-love and resiliency
  • Effectively improve digestion, clear brain fog, and increase mental clarity and focus
  • Cultivate a rich spirituality and meditation practice to restore overall balance, reduce stress and anxiety
  • Create a healthy, sustainable relationship to your life


Coaching services are conducted in person, over the phone or Skype. Your initial coaching package includes:

  • One initial Powerful Coaching Conversation
  • An in-depth initial intake form.
  • Specifically tailored recommendations, ready to implement tools, and takeaway assignments.
  • A follow-up session to discuss your progress, implementation, and sustainable action steps moving forward.

This one time investment in yourself is $135

I highly recommend the services of Stephanie’s “Real Food Pure Love” Coaching Program, not only because of the results I’ve personally achieved, but more so due to the tremendous passion she shows to her craft and the devotion she displays to her clients. It has been my experience that it is very rare to find someone who is genuine; who also holds the articulate capabilities and versatility needed to individually approach each of their client’s needs… With the support of Stephanie, I have truly found my peace.”

-Ed D. Long Island, NY

“Not only has Stephanie guided me towards my physical health goals, but she is to tuned into all aspects of life, she’s helped me in ways I would have never expected. I am so thankful to have hired her as my Health/Life Coach. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves in any way.”

Mike S. Brooklyn, NY

“This Coaching Program has helped me grow both personally and professionally, address issues that have built up for years, and helped me figure out what I need to do moving forward to truly better myself and reach all my goals in life. With Stephanie’s guidance, I am experiencing a sense of peace in my life I’ve never felt before! I would absolutely recommend working with Stephanie 100%”

Ann Marie H., Long Island, NY

“One of the great realizations our Coaching Relationship taught me was how beneficial is it to simply dedicate one hour once a week to reflect on myself. Among several significant breakthroughs, I learned how to make self-care a priority, how to say NO to certain events and things that I didn’t want, and how to have more gratitude in my life. I no longer approach things with frantic energy, I practice deep breathing and positive affirmations on a daily basis, I learned how to give myself permission to feel my emotions, and by addressing different aspects of my life, I feel much more connected in my relationships. I would recommend this Coaching experience to everyone!”

– Maria B., Staten Island

“My Coaching sessions with Stephanie were very enlightening. With her gentle and confident guidance, I felt like a flashlight was illuminated on areas of my life that I had either minimized or neglected. I now feel more confident and awake to the wealth of potential inside of me, and this realization is very empowering!”

– Mo N., Portland, Oregon

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