Step Into Your Greatness

A 16-Week Deep-Dive Woman’s Group Coaching Program!

January 2019!

Who do you want to be in the world?

What will you do with this one precious life of yours?


Shed all the stuff keeping you stuck- the limiting beliefs, all the should’s, have to’s and supposed to be’s. Release guilt, shame, body-hate, every need for external permission and validation. Dissolve fear holding you back. Let go of everything not serving you and keeping you small. Cut the cords of stagnancy and leave the 2018 version of you behind! Get to work and play in the world the way the Universe has intended for you.

Step into your GREATNESS! Manifest your deepest desires in 2019, become who you’re meant to be, and activate your highest, most empowered, Goddess Self!!! Reclaim the truth of you!

Step into a new frequency. A powerful version of your bad-ass feminine flow! Activate the co-creative current responsible for bringing your desires to life. Own it fiercely and unapologetically. Forge an unwavering relationship to your body and intuition, never second guessing yourself again! Welcome into your life the freedom of trust, the peace of surrender, the healing capacity of an open heart, and explore the “courage of ease.” (Krystal Brandt- Courage of Ease)

Enter 2019 ready to up-level your life!!! Aligned in your truth, solid in your intentions, powerful in your actions! We’ll be going deep aiming to enrich every area of your life where you seek growth, grace, and transformation.

From January- April, we will be in an exploratory process of getting unstuck, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and implementing all the mindset shifts and practical tools necessary to make it happen!

Who do you want to be in the world?
What will you do with this one precious life of yours?

Let 2019 be YOUR year!

What we’ll be learning, exploring and journeying into:

  • Creating your own reality!!
  • Opening your heart
  • Leaning into vulnerability to foster joy, connection and Love.
  • Shed limiting beliefs, patterning and blocks keeping you stuck
  • Let go of old stories no longer serving you
  • Face fears that have been holding you back for years!
  • Leverage the power of growth mindset, positive affirmation, mindset reframe and positive self-talk
  • Learn the key fundamentals to self-love, self-trust, compassion and forgiveness
  • Heal and create new dynamic in the relationships in your life
  • Learn healthy boundaries and proper implementation
  • Find and fulfill your passion
  • Accept your soul’s invitation to your most fulfilling work in the world
  • Learn the strategy for taking aligned right action toward manifesting your desires
  • Own your desires, honor and respect them as sacred, because they are!
  • Release, once and for all, the need for external validation and experience the life-changing magic of internal validation
  • Hear, respect and healthfully navigate your emotions
  • Trust and listen to your intuition.
  • Live your truth and express that truth!
  • Stop living for everyone else and start living for you
  • Shift your perception from an outside-in to an inside-out!
  • Cultivate a rich relationship to your body and your mind
  • Build an unwavering confidence
  • Create a deeper connection to yourself and by effect to the people around you
  • Feel more at ease and in the flow of Life
  • Journey deeply into meditation to release fear, worry, anxiety
  • Define, establish and achieve empowering goals!
  • Feel the medicine of Sisterhood and the transformative power of group learning

DATES: January 8th – April 23rd


  • 8 bi-weekly 90-minute Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions – Live, in person at Bridgeworks in Long Beach
  • 8 bi-weekly 60-minute Calls on Zoom (calls will be recorded so worry not if you have to miss a class)
  • Lifetime Access to our Private Membership Area where all classes, content, communication and group engagement will live.
  • Meditation & Visualization, both live and recorded.
  • Private support throughout the course as needed.
  • 3 Special VIP Coaching Retreat Days (4-5 hours) held on a Saturday of each month. (location and further details TBA)
  • 1 Spa Day w/ Everything Included (because no woman’s self care is complete without a spa day)
  • 1 Weekend Yoga Retreat complete with home-cooked meals, all accommodation, yoga, meditation, hiking, nature, unplugging, play, circle gathering, sweet sisterhood, sacred self-care, soul nourishment. The ultimate getaway to fully and intimately complete our journey together!

PRICE: Everything listed above is included in the cost of $4500.

DISCOUNT: Get $500 OFF until Monday, December 31st.

Exploratory calls have begun for women interested in joining us in January. There are 8 SPOTS total, and they’re beginning to fill!

Is one of them yours?

If this sounds divine and your soul is begging to know more, schedule an exploratory call with me ASAP to claim it! Click here (choose “client session”).