“Over the past three months of weekly meetings with Stephanie, I’ve seen a drastic positive transition to a more calming everyday lifestyle. She was able to address my concerns and tailor a direct coaching program that has given me the stability I desperately needed in a very unbalanced time. Integrating the perspectives of a strong positive outlook along with the importance of a balanced mind and healthy diet, I was quickly able to take control of many of the anxieties that have plagued me throughout much of my life. Stephanie laid the foundations that enabled me to more easily structure my day to day activities in a way that set small realistic goals which added up to enormous benefit, both in my personal and professional life.

I would highly recommend the services of Stephanie’s “Real Food, Pure Love” Coaching Program, not only because of the results that I have personally seen, but more so due to the tremendous passion that she shows to her craft, and the devotion that she displays to her clients. It has been my experience that it is very rare to find someone who is genuine; who also holds the articulate capabilities and versatility needed to individually approach each of their client’s needs.

With the support of Stephanie Marino, I have truly found my peace. ”

– Ed D.

Long Island, NY

“Coach Steph is the best. I was looking to step up my health game and was interested in a nutritionist. A friend of mine told me about her so I gave her a call. The first conversation was VERY easy, and every conversation since then has been just as comfortable. Not only has she guided me towards my physical health goals, but she is so tuned in to all aspects of life and has helped me in ways I would have never expected. I look forward to our sessions every week and I am very thankful to have hired her as my health/life coach. I whole heartedly recommend Stephanie Marino to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves in any way.”

– Mike S.

Brooklyn, NY

“I was feeling very anxious, not confident in social situations, always worrying about finances, not feeling good about where I was with my business, and putting a lot of pressure on myself with scheduling. I knew I needed to make major changes and I happened to meet Stephanie at exactly the right time in my life!

As a result of our work together, I’ve experienced many breakthroughs! With Stephanie’s guidance, I’ve learned how to be much more patient and gentle with myself and am experiencing a sense of peace in my life I’ve never felt before, which has taken a ton of pressure of! I’ve learned how to healthfully let my emotions run their course, instead of marinating in them for too long. I’ve learned how to focus on doing what works for me and what feels right for me, instead of getting stuck on what I think I should be doing or what I’m not doing. I’ve changed my diet, incorporating a lot more fruit and vegetables, less dairy, and drinking more water which is improving my skin and boosting my confidence, especially in my business! I am exercising every morning and have begun including daily meditation and affirmations into my routine. She’s also taught me how to keep track of my expenses and I feel much more in control of where my money is going.

I would absolutely recommend working with Stephanie 100%. This coaching program has helped me grow both personally and professionally, address issues that have built up for years, and figure out what I need to do going forward to truly better myself and reach all my goals in life.”

– Ann Marie Haflich
Rodan+Fields Executive Consultant, Rodan+Fields

“Stephanie is an amazing coach who uses her intuition, knowledge, and passion to guide her. Her ability to empathize and strategize make her a valuable asset to any client she works with. I highly recommend her!”
– Amita K. Patel
Owner and Founder, Aligned Holistics

“I was physically feeling unwell and I couldn’t figure out why. I was so tired of always feeling rushed and overwhelmed; and although I have a good life, I didn’t feel like I was fully living it because I struggled with being in the moment.

While working with Stephanie, I learned a lot about approaching different aspects of my life. One of the great realizations our coaching sessions taught me was how beneficial is it to simply dedicate one hour once a week to reflect on myself. Among several significant breakthroughs, I learned how to make self-care a priority, how to say NO to certain events and things that I didn’t want, and how to have more gratitude in my life. I no longer approach things with frantic energy, I practice deep breathing and positive affirmations on a daily basis, I learned how to give myself permission to feel my emotions, and by addressing certain things in my relationship, I feel much more connected to my boyfriend.

I really enjoyed having Stephanie as my coach. The consistent reinforcement of topics and tools showed me how they can be applied in various situations. I would recommend this experience of a Coaching Relationship to everyone!”
Maria B.
New Jersey

“Working with Stephanie has been an amazing experience to say the least. It is apparent right from the beginning that she knows what she is doing, and that she is truly dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. Her passion for what she does and her motivation to succeed are inspiring.”
James D.
Musician and Software Architect

“Stephanie is an amazing, intelligent coach, and dynamic listener. The time we spent together were reflective hours that enabled me to set new goals, make discovers, and see things in ways I wasn’t able to before. The most significant improvements I experienced while working with her was an awareness of my food intolerances; goal setting strategies, positive approach and balance in my living situation and at work; seeing results by doing a little at a time; finding my voice; and staying balanced in a state of presence. I would describe Stephanie to anyone who is willing to work hard on a path of self-discovery.”
– Jessica Z.
High School Science Teacher & Yoga Instructor

“Stephanie’s passion for health is genuine and inspiring. She gives a realistic approach on facing life’s daily challenges and each time I seek her advice, I walk away with a can-do attitude. Her questions will encourage you to grasp deeper and find motivation within yourself to live a positive and healthy life. Something important about the way she inspires is that she does so by setting an example; she portrays the saying “practice what you preach.” Stephanie is thoughtful, encouraging, supportive and understanding. These qualities not only make me feel blessed to have her in my life, but make her a master health coach.”
– Mena P.
Operations Support Specialist, Con Ed.

“In my time with Stephanie, I learned a lot from the experience and have changed my life for the better. I used to struggle with my eating habits, but now I am more aware and knowledgable about what I eat and it’s easier for me to choose more wisely. What I found most valuable about my Health Coaching Program is that even if you get off track the main thing is to get back on the same track and don’t be too hard on yourself.”
Alyssa A.
Dental Assistant

“Upon meeting Stephanie I instantly felt at ease with her calm and positive energy, finding her so easy to talk to.  I decided to see her for a Powerful Coaching Conversation to see what guidance she could provide for me in new diet changes I had been making and old body image problems I had been living with. In just our first conversation I came to some major revelations about how I wanted to live my life. She opened my eyes to some new concepts that seemed crazy at the time, but ended up being revolutionary for my relationship with myself and with food.  Stephanie introduced me to a whole concept of self-forgiveness that had never occurred to me before and ultimately became my realization of the importance of showing myself love. If you’re ready to take your life and relationship with yourself in a more positive, loving, and fulfilling direction, Stephanie is a wonderful coach to have by your side along the way.”
– Allison D. 
Yoga Practitioner and Psychology Researcher

“The most significant overall positive change I noticed while working with Stephanie was weight loss and SELF-CONFIDENCE. I had more energy and a positive attitude. What I found most valuable was the overwhelming support and positivity she gave me. She’s brilliant, energetic, committed, positive, and generous. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a lifestyle change.”
Pre-Owned Sales Manager, Audi Lynbrook

“[During Stephanie’s Spring Cleanse] I learned so much about food and how my body feels. I have been able to integrate healthier choices into my lifestyle. Even when I’m extremely limited to eat something bad (because of convenience and time), I still try mindfully to make a healthier choice. I have learned how to tune into my body and have been able to pinpoint the things my body don’t agree with. I now feel guilt free when I eat and I’m proud I know how I can take care of myself. I’m doing something good for my body.”
Jackie L.
Media Communications Student, Dog Walker and Creative Entrepreneur

“While working with Stephanie in my Health Coaching Program, I was able to work toward my goals by taking small steps rather than huge leaps, and acknowledging each progression even if its small. The biggest tangible change I noticed was my weight loss, and my ability to bounce back quicker when I have setbacks. More so, to see them as they are- temporary setbacks and not failures. I would describe Stephanie as a therapist with a spiritual twist. I would recommend her to everyone who seeks to grow and be a little better than they were before.”
Gary P.
Music Producer, DJ, Entrepreneur

“Finally I have the motivation to start exercising! [During Stephanie’s Spring Cleanse] I was able to kick the caffeine, have more energy, gave up late night snacking, sleeping has improved drastically and I’ve lost a total of 8 1/2 lbs!! Just by making better food choices and having healthy snacks available. Thank you Stephanie!!!!”
– MaryAnn D.
Reiki Healer & Human Services Administrator

“Know what I love about my new eating habits…. I’m less hungry and have More ENERGY. I have much more CLARITY, no fuzzy head feeling. I wake up feeling GREAT. Oh yea, and it’s SO EASY! Thanks Stephanie!”
MaryKate L.
Administrative Assistant

“I’ve been loving it! I have no intentions on really ending this [Spring Cleanse]. I love the morning routine and look forward to making my smoothies. I’ve enjoyed creating my own snacks and meals; and I’m more mindful of the food I’m buying and consuming. My digestion has definitely improved and so has my overall mood. I feel so much more hydrated as well. Thanks for providing us with such great recipes. I’ve never been so satisfied and excited about the food that I eat!”
– Jill K.
New Mom, Professional Educator, Dancer and Coach

“21 days, 20 pounds lighter and I feel great! Blood pressure down from 132/92 to 100/70!! The energy I have is so unbelievable! I’m getting better sleep in less hours and my snoring has decreased tremendously. The best part is I’m eating more than usual and having fun doing it! Thanks Stephanie for this amazing cleanse and for your guidance and support! I’m half way there; going to stay on this for another 10 days!”
– Dennis D.
Manager, Sole Restaurant

“I was dragging ass every day. Being so tired all the time was starting to bring me down. I would drink coffee even though I don’t really like the taste of it. But, NOT ANY MORE! [Since Stephanie’s Spring Cleanse], my energy levels are through the roof and the pounds are coming off slowly but surely, thanks to your guidance and encouragement. It has been an educational and fun 10 days. I feel so much better. I lost 4.5lbs and will continue the cleanse for another 10 days. I now have the energy to get my ass back to the gym. I’m also having a lot of fun cooking with my boyfriend!”
Edel P.
Baker and Restaurant/Bar Management

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