Your Body & You: A Sacred Relationship

Your Holiday Guide to Clean Eating & Body Loving!

Before I dive into the content of this course, I must iterate…

This is not another gimmicky course dishing out the next diet or promising a new approach to weight loss come the New Year.

While we will dive deep into the mindset behind our modern day approach to health, weight loss and body image, and how it’s keeping you stuck year after year in cycles of self-hate and food prison, this course goes much deeper than the surface.

It’s about the sacred relationship between you and your body.

We weren’t taught this growing up and in school. We were taught how to compare ourselves, how not to be our full selves, how to shrink ourselves, and from every external source told we weren’t good enough unless we looked a certain way, weighed the right amount, got the latest lip-pumping product, and dressed correctly. We were taught only to see our flaws with the curative being some place outside of us.

Here is where it all changes.

This Sacred Relationship Course is about learning a new way to be with yourself, in your body. How to honor her, hold sacred the union, build a new foundation from the inside-out, and from that place explore a new approach food, heath, weight loss and lifestyle.

I designed is as a comprehensive course to get you UN-STUCK. Out of the cycle of dieting, binging, laxatives, waiting til the New Year to start fresh. Off the emotional and compulsive eating rollercoaster. Done with the self-sabotage, body loathing, self hating cycle you’ve been conditioned to be in for too long!

This offering comes from deep within my soul and my heart, because I know the life of being imprisoned in food and in my body, and I know the freedom that lies just beyond that on the other side.

Let me take your hand, sister.  Let’s dive in!

“I hate my self”

“After the holidays, I’m losing weight.”

“I’ll overindulge now, but the diet starts January 1st”

“I’ve already gone off the rails, why stop now?”

Does this sound familiiar?

Wanting to start anew is wonderful, because truth be told we really do start fresh every single day. Additionally, having the willingness and awareness to want to do better for yourself puts you on your A Game. However, this is just half the process. 

Let’s take the New Year.

The whole idea behind starting fresh, setting solid intentions, being serious, making a commitment into the New Year is for it to stick more than just a week, right?

So why is it that each year, we find ourselves back in this game of rebound, yo-yo dieting, eating food that makes us sick, hating ourselves in the process, just to wait until the New Year to make it right?

You know how it goes. The New Year comes, you’re ready. Focus laser-pointed, energy strong, intentions solid, feeling fierce and unwavering right out the gate! Vision clear. Actions fueled by your intentions, on point!

It’s simple and straight forward. “Just stick to the plan and the outcome is achieved,” you say to yourself. A few days in, you’re winning. Feeling awesome. Gym game strong, clean eating, body thriving! Clothes fitting again, confidence sky high, your mind clear and focused, loving yourself up.

Then the inevitable happens a few weeks down the line. You start losing steam, energy sizzles out, well-intentioned efforts get derailed, you go from 100 to 0 real quick!

What happened?!

One slip led to another, led to another, until before you knew it you were completely off the wagon! Why does this happen each and every year?

It’s because we’re going about it the wrong way.

Did you know only 8% of people succeed longterm at their New Year’s goals? And 80% of people are already off track from their resolutions the first week of February?!

If you find solace in this, and I hope you do (because a huge part of goal achievement is not beating yourself down, but rather building yourself up with compassion), you’re one step ahead!

There is flawed programming at work here that we go into New Year’s Resolutions with. It’s a mental conditioning and patterning that unfortunately is not set up for success. A major component of this flawed system is this:

“Once I get to x amount of pounds and look a certain way, then I’ll be happy. Then I’ll give myself permission to love myself. Then I’ll accept my body.”

“And until then, I am not worthy of it. Until I get to that point, peace is not accessible to me. I don’t deserve it. I have to really work for it and really earn it.”

Do you see the American capitalist, industrialized mentality at play here? We’re treating the sacred relationship to our bodies and to our life as a working machine, driving it to the bone. Work out harder, starve yourself with grace, have more will-power, be stronger, endure longer.

We’re not driving the stock market here, people! I think of the movie Wolf of Wall Street with all the stressed out, frantic, coked up brokers yelling, screaming, ripping their hair out, everyone on their computers and phones like ravage, savage beasts clawing at more money and more money and more money, not afraid to tear anyone down who stands in their way!

This is not how we should be treating our bodies, women!

The relationship to your body, your relationship to food, the relationship to your mind is a sacred one. One that needs to be tended to with respect, compassion, gentleness, loving kindness. Your body is magic, sustaining your life; every breath oxygenating the whole of you; each cell distinctly and inherently assigned to it’s muscle, tissue, tendon, organ; the phenomenon of you is exquisite.

You are more than just how much you weigh, more than just your pants size, more than just your belly flesh, more than your hair, more than your eyebrows, more than your lips, more than your breasts.

Woman, you are fucking magic!

Do you know the majesty of this house of yours embodying your being?

Take a moment to be in this space. Do you feel that? Do you feel the whole of you right now in this very moment. Do you see how without this awareness, without being attuned to this frequency, you’ll never know what true peace in your flesh feels like. No matter how many new diets you try, quick fix weight loss pills you swallow, fad detox regimes you adopt, miles ran on the treadmill, or New Year’s Resolutions.

Being at peace with your body is an inside job, and can never be attained seeking from the outside. And when you use this external fuel for your health and weight loss goals, you may be strong out the gate, but it quickly fleets and ends up putting you right back to where you started, and back some.

“How do I look?” will most always land you among the 80% of people who hate themselves for failing at a system (New Year’s Resolutions) that was set up for failure in the first place.

If you want to shift your perception- and you must if you wish to do it different this time around and have it stick- it must be rooted, first and foremost in the energetic alignment of, “How do I feel?”

Not, “How do I feel” because I think I look fat from the outside because that’s what I’ve been told. Rather, “How do I feel” truly from the inside?”

We’re going deep, people.

This may be a state of consciousness you’ve never given yourself permission to be in, or maybe it always felt too scary so was avoided at all costs. Maybe it’s so unfamiliar and so out of your zone of reference, it’s deeply uncomfortable.

And can you be ok with that? Instead of labeling good or bad, resisting, wanting to look away, seeking pleasure as antidote for the pain, can you be with the feelings coming up around this? Can you stay with it? Can you see it has something to teach you? Your inner dimension is communicating directly and wants you to listen. Be the silent observer of what’s waking up inside of you, what you’re feeling present to, what your intuition is sensing as becoming available to you.

It’s time we stop driving ourselves out of pleasure, and start welcoming ourselves back home to our bodies.

“How do I feel?”

“What’s going on inside of me right now in this very moment?”

“How is my intuition guiding me here?”

Furthermore, “What aligned action can I take to not give away my power?”

These are questions for the body. To feel into, to be with, to let unfold. Not for the mind to figure out. Just as it’s not the mind’s job to be in charge of the body’s health. The mind wants to count and measure and weigh and plan and strategize and blame and point fingers when it doesn’t go according to expectation.

The mind- in it’s desire to calculate calories, gauge numbers on a scale, compare inches of the waist- will never succeed at doing the job of the body, who knows how to naturally and instinctually return back to balance and homeostasis time and time again

After eating a big Thanksgiving meal, the mind says, “Laxatives first thing in the morning!”, or, “Gym, first thing in the morning!,” or, “The diet is starting after the New Year.”

When really all the body needs and wants is the mind to stop being so harsh, and instead offer loving kindness and trust that she (your body) has got this

I’ve lived the years of disordered eating, compulsive eating, binge eating. I know the inner workings of that space so intimately, which is why I’m so passionate to helping women move out of that imprisonment and into the life they’re destined for!

Attaining sustainable health and balance within your body, mind, and soul begins in the body and out of the head. No more weighing your flesh, no more measuring your body up against other bodies, no more letting the number on the scale determine your self worth, no more stressing over staying under your caloric budget for the day, no more hating yourself to health.

Get back into the groove of sacred relationship between you and your body, the way it was intended. Just as you were the day you came out of the womb!

This course is more than just about food, reaching goals, and New Year’s Resolutions. Thank god. That stuff gets old quick!

This course is about a reawakened presence of being. A newfound lens in which to view yourself through with love, acceptance, kindness, and sacred self-care. It’s about shedding all the old paradigms that just do not serve you anymore. It’s about jumping on the self-love bandwagon is the least cheesiest way possible.

It’s about getting serious about the relationship to yourself, because you’re worth it. You’re worth having a beautiful, nourishing, sacred, self-loving relationship to your body. You’re allowed to give yourself permission to have that. And you don’t have to wait until you get to reach a certain weight or look a certain way. That’s giving your power away. No one on the outside of you owns the right to grant that to you. Only you do.

Granting yourself permission for self acceptance from an internal perspective is crucial. For if it’s not done now, you’ll be at battle with yourself for the rest of your life. This is not an exaggeration.

Here’s the good news. I’ve learned the tools, principles, foundations to shift and recreate my relationship to myself, and I want to teach you the same! It’s gold!

We’re operating on old paradigms and expecting things to change. We can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. The foundation from which we are approaching change in our lives no longer is serving the current need.

If the foundation of something is not sturdy, the structure will be at the affect of every external force. If the foundational principles you are carrying around about your body and health and weight loss stay the same, you will forever be in a state of body hate and self sabotage. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

This course teaches fundamental change from the root out, from the ground up. We are rewiring the cultural conditioning of years and years and years of messaging around our bodies and food, living up to certain standards, and looking a particular way. We are digging deep to illuminate all that we’ve internalized which does not serve us, and shedding that shit!

We are relearning what it means to be in sacred relationship to our bodies. To seeing, feeling, embodying, respecting and honoring this flesh the way it was intended. We are learning how to trust in the innate wisdom of our inner and outer being, and how doing so fosters a deep kind of love the mind could never fathom, but only the body knows. We are learning how when we emerge from the inside out, we become space for women, granting them permission to do the same.

You know the extent to which we are all craving this inner peace, the accessibility of body reverence, the yearning to end the battle against our bodies. This isn’t a solo mission, it’s a collective endeavor. As you rise, Woman, we all rise. Together.

Join us, Sister, for this deep-dive exploration into nourishing, cultivating, fostering the sacred relationship between you and your body. As I’m sure you see now, this is more than just another holiday clean eating guide, more than just a couple of tips to hit reset and start fresh. This ain’t a hit it and quit it type of deal.

It’s the real deal. Join us for the collective paradigm shift of relating to ourselves from a newfound sacred space of compassion, love, trust, and inner wisdom. This course is much needed medicine for women today.

You’ll learn:

  • A new way of being in your body- viewing, feeling, experiencing it from the inside, rather than the outside.
  • Get out of the head and drop deeply into the body, experiencing for yourself how this creates massive shift in how you approach change.
  • Trust, reconnect, and listen to your inner wisdom and intuition, guiding you to make wiser, more intuitive food and lifestyle choices.
  • Tune into your body through the lens of sacred self-love, loving patience, gentle awareness and kindness.
  • Perhaps for the first time ever in your life find newfound peace with food, peace in your body, and peace in your mind.
  • Understand how our cultural conditioning has brought us to this place of wide-spread body dysmorphia, disordered eating, body shame, food guilt, mental imprisonment, stress of living up to certain standards (which by the way we never agreed to!)
  • See how personal empowerment, body confidence, and bad ass boss babe status doesn’t have to happen after the weight loss, after you deem yourself pretty enough or whatever enough; it’s available now!
  • Shed and shift the “whentality” mindset that is keeping you stuck!
  • Take back your power, be liberated, feel yourself from the inside, and move into and through the world from that place!
  • Lean into trusting the inner workings of the phenomenon that is your body. She is wise as fuck!
  • Reconnect to the basics of simplicity that serves up the greatest dose of change!
  • Let go of the white knuckle grip, cattle driving approach; and explore a reset that’s simple, gentle and self-loving, in the most practical way.
  • Don’t wait until a moment beyond this one to take your health in your own hands and feel fucking great!
  • Feel the freedom of releasing your obsession with “weight-loss”.
  • See for yourself how weight loss is not the main focus; it’s the by-product of sacred self-care.
  • The ease in this shift and the pleasure of this approach.
  • Become the version of you you were destined to be!


  • SIX Live 90-Minute Group Calls via Zoom
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  • PDF Guides- Clean Eating & Body Loving Workbook & Worksheets
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  • Content you’ll have forever. To come back to over and over again.

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1.Your Body Hears Everything The Mind Says:

How to listen to your body through a new portal, leveraging the power of the present moment, taking back your power, and putting your body back in the driver seat where it belongs. Shift limiting beliefs and remember what it feels like to be in sacred relationship to your body.

2. It’s Not About Being Perfect, It’s About Being at Peace:

How to access this place, and how doing so makes the difference between staying in food and body prison, or allowing yourself to be at peace. Side bar bonus, how this is the single most effective factor in releasing weight for the long run.

3. Forget the Calorie Counting!

This is so yesteryear. The body is a complex system and boils down to more than just numbers and calories. There’s a more effective and enjoyable way to maintain awareness of your food choices, make wise decisions, and not sacrifice taste or pleasure. This is the most effective way to weight loss.

4. Step Aside Will Power! Your Cravings Carry a Sacred Message. Listen, Navigate, Deconstruct:

We’ve been taught to hate our cravings, detest them and view them as the enemy, wishing the day we can do away with them forever. They’re not going anyway, nor should they. They are the body’s way of sending us important messages we need to hear. Learn how to decipher the deeper message, navigate through when they arise in control and empowered. 

5. Before the Binge & After- What to Do, Keep Your Cool, Get Back in Control, and NOT Hate Yourself in the Process

The worst part about binges and compulsive/emotional eating is the aftermath. You’ve gotten taken over by the devil, completely lost all will-power, now hate yourself, feel like shit, and are so worried about having to work off these calories. Learn the antidote to binge episodes, decrease the frequency, and not lose the sacred self-love you’re working so hard for.

6. Get out of Mental Prison & Find Food Freedom

The wisdom of the body is often overlooked because the mind tries to take control. This keeps us stuck in patterns that don’t serve us! Learn the absolute tool to shift your relationship to food, your relationship to your body and your relationship to your mind once and for all.