Holistic Health Coaching

The first thing you’ll learn is how to forget everything you’ve been taught.

Here, we take a different approach to health, wellness and weight loss.

You struggle with disordered eating, can’t get a grip on the emotional eating, measure your self-worth by the number on the scale, and beat yourself up after the binge! You hate your body, have been in a battle against the bulge for what feels like forever, and often think “I’m not good enough.”

I get it. The portion controlling, calorie counting, food weighing. Yo-yo dieting, harsh detoxing, miserably restricting yourself of what you love. Skipping out on social events because of food anxiety. Hyper-focusing on what you ate and worrying if you burned enough calories in a day. Unable to control your impulses and the bully brain is merciless. You pray the number on the scale will deem you worthy of your love, happiness and acceptance.

Deep breath! You landed here for a reason, it was not by accident! You are ready for change, in a big way. You’re ready to heal your relationship to food and the relationship to your body. You’re ready to put the bully brain to rest and learn how to truly nourish yourself from the inside-out. 

The first thing you’ll learn is how to forget everything you’ve been taught! My approach to health, wellness and weight loss has really very little to do with weight loss. We’re throwing it all out the window (including the scale) and starting from scratch! Getting right to the root. Health is an inside job, which is why we take an inside out approach.

Shedding the obsession of seeing yourself from the outside, you’ll feel, experience and embody yourself from the inside. This changes everything!

You will slowly develop a healthier, more nourishing relationship to food, and gain a better understanding of how your body is truly communicating with you. Through the lens of self-love, patience and awareness, you’ll learn to tune into your body’s needs, allowing you to make wiser, more intuitive food and lifestyle choices. You will learn how to lean in and listen to your body in a new way- one that deeply supports, inspires, teaches, and empowers you. You’ll get support in navigating the world of contradictory health information and learn what truly works for your unique body.

My mission is to help you create a thriving relationship to You!

This is a Powerful, Co-Creative Coaching Relationship, a deeply supportive space, providing you with ongoing professional guidance toward cultivating sustainable lifestyle and mindset shifts, helping you heal from the inside-out. In a way that is fun, flexible, free of denial and discipline, together we work toward gently restoring you back to balance in your body, mind, and soul- one step at a time. Through a personalized custom coaching plan, we implement the practical tools and necessary supports to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Find freedom in your body, freedom from food, and newfound peace in your life. 

You’re ready to take the first step toward your new life!

I work with dedicated individuals committed to their personal growth and development, those who understand and value the power of gradual progression. This is not a quick fix, magic pill, nor does it guarantee overnight results. Rather, it is a journey of self-exploration and growth. If you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone, make significant changes in your life, dig deep, and fearlessly get to work, then let’s dive in! Contact me today for your free exploratory call!

Here’s How it Works:

Private Coaching Services are held in person or over the phone. Your initial coaching package includes:
• One Deep-Dive Coaching Conversation (90 minutes)
• An Initial Intake form with personal reflective questions.
• Specifically tailored recommendations, ready to implement tools, and takeaway assignments.

If at that point, we feel it’s the right fit and advantageous to us both to continue moving forward together, we discuss options for working together a long-term coaching program (minimum 6-months)

People are saying…

“After working with Stephanie for over a year, healing through eating disorders, I don’t wait anymore for the scale to tell me when to live my life. I live my life now in the present moment!! I can feel again. I listen to my intuition, trust my self, feel my body telling me things, and I’m starting to love myself!!! Imperfections and all!”

– Tali H. 

“In just our first conversation, Stephanie opened my eyes to new concepts that were revolutionary in my relationship to food and to myself.”

– Allison D., Long Island, NY

“After only three sessions, I already feel such a difference. I am more confident. Stephanie is helping me look at myself in a whole new perspective.”

Kim K., Long Island, NY

“Our coaching sessions together taught me it is my inherent right and obligation to take care of myself in this one body I have been given. Each week I became more active in slowing down and taking care of myself in ways that made me feel better, and I owned it! It was extremely valuable to give consistent attention to all the reasons, distractions, guilt and fear that was standing in the way of allowing me to make better decisions for myself. I recommend this coaching to anyone who takes responsibility for their life and their actions, and is ready to do the work.”

Erin O.,Daytona Beach, Florida

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