10 Day Cleanse - Starts Wednesday, September 7th

This clean eating cleanse will be exactly what you need to get into the full swing of September feeling light and clean, gently detoxed and lean after a long, lovely BBQ and beer-filled Summer. Get ready to intelligently cleanse your body from the inside out while thoroughly enjoying every single meal, smoothie and snack. (Food is not provided. Participants are responsible for purchasing and preparing meals.)

What To Expect

  • 10 Days of Clean eats
  • Meal plans
  • Food recipes
  • Juice and Smoothie recipes
  • Food Journal
  • At-home Fitness Videos (5-10 minutes)
  • Daily Deep Breathing and Meditation Exercises
  • A private Facebook group of fellow cleansers
  • The support of a community
  • The support of last year's cleanse participants!
  • MY support throughout the whole process!

BONUS material:

  1. Top 5 Weight Loss Foods
  2. Top 5 SuperFoods for Immune System Support and Disease Prevention
  3. Deconstruct Cravings in 1,2,3

Bonus PRE-CLEANSE Material:

  1. Pre-Cleanse Complimentary Group Food Shopping Tour
  2. Pre-Cleanse virtual Q&A

Bonus POST-CLEANSE Goodies:

  1. Cleanse Recipe E-Book
  2. A 20 minute Make-it-Stick Coaching Session with me!

Here's what previous cleanse participants are saying...

"I'm so excited, I LOST 6.6 lbs. Thanks Stephanie for doing this. I feel great!" - Mary K.

"I've lost a total of 8 1/2 pounds! I have more energy, my sleeping has improved and I finally have the motivation to start exercising" - Mary Ann D.

"I now feel guilt free when I eat!" - Jackie L.

"I've been loving it! My digestion has improved and so has my mood!" - Jill K.

"Feeling great... Down a few pounds. Feeling strong and healthy... Let the momentum continue." - Mario P.

"Down 20 pounds. The energy I have is so unbelievable! [...]" Click here to continue reading

Sneak Peak... Clean Eating Details

Foods you will be eating more of: (Crowding In)

  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Whole grains
  • Clean, lean protein
  • Healthy fats
  • Beans, Lentils, Legumes
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Smoothies (you will need a blender)
  • Fresh pressed juices (if you don't have a juicer its OK)
  • Gut-healthy Probiotics
  • Lots of Water
  • Herbal teas
  • Super Foods

Foods you will be eliminating: (Crowding Out

  1. Processed foods (anything in a package with more than 5 ingredients)
  2. Most wheat and gluten products
  3. Most dairy
  4. White flour
  5. Refined sugar
  6. Processed meat and red meats
  7. Coffee (don't worry; there will be caffeine alternatives)
  8. Alcohol (again, don't worry. It's 10 days. You got this!)