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I’m Stephanie Marino, passionate founder and owner of Real Food Pure Love, an Integrative Nutritional Health & Life Coaching Company, specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle & Positive Mind/Positive Body Coaching.

My mission is to help you create a thriving relationship to YOU!

RFPL Health & Life Coaching Services supports women in cultivating a healthy relationship to food, to their bodies, and to their life. Together we implement a fundamental three-part coaching approach of 1. reorganizing your diet by integrating proper food choices that work best for your unique body; 2. integrating sustainable, nourishing, self-care lifestyle routines that fully support stress reduction, increase in energy and overall wellbeing; and 3. adapting a shift in consciousness to achieve greater sense of peace, presence and a positive reframe of mindset .

In simple terms… This is not just about weight loss and calorie counting, quick fix fad diets, harsh detoxes, weighing in daily on the scale, restricting yourself of what you love, or dragging your feet to the gym. Rather, it’s a gentle approach of restoring you slowly back to balance in your body, by taking an inside-out approach and sustainably working toward your goals resulting in a healthy, nourished relationship to yourself. Clients of my coaching program achieve radical results of newfound self-love, confidence, happiness and thus weight loss.

This is a Powerful Life Coaching Relationship, a co-creative space empowering you with not only confidence, clarity and support, but practical tools and strategies to successfully create the change you desire to radically improve your life. Taking an inside-out approach, you will learn how to tune into your body’s needs through the lens of self-love, patience and awareness; slowly work toward implementation of proper food/lifestyle/mindset choices; and become an active participant in your health and happiness. Our work together will challenge, inspire and empower you.

I work with dedicated individuals committed to their personal growth and development, those who understand and value the power of gradual progression. This is not a quick fix, magic pill, nor does it guarantee overnight results. Rather, it is a journey of self-exploration and growth. If you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone, make significant changes in your life, dig deep, and fearlessly get to work, then let’s dive in! Contact us today!

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People are saying...

"After working with Stephanie for over a year, healing through eating disorders, I don’t wait anymore for the scale to tell me when to live my life. I live my life now in the present moment!! I can feel again. I listen to my intuition, trust my self, feel my body telling me things, and I’m starting to love myself!!! Imperfections and all!"

– Tali H. 
"Stephanie is a very deep listener who is not afraid to get to the core of what needs to be addressed. With her guidance, I've come to really understand the how's and why's of what's going on inside of my own head, heart and gut." – Samantha V., Founder of Snuggle With Sam

“Stephanie is an amazing coach who uses her intuition, knowledge, and passion to guide her. Her ability to empathize and strategize make her a valuable asset to any client she works with. I highly recommend her!”

– Amita K. Patel Aligned Holistics

“From our first conversation I felt a weight lifted. Talking to someone I didn't know- openly, honestly & getting to the heart of what I really needed. After each coaching session I felt extremely motivated. Stephanie is very good at what she does. What a difference she's made for me!"

– Michelle K.

“I learned so much about food and how my body feels. I've been able to integrate healthier choices, I feel guilt free when I eat, and I'm proud I'm doing good for my body!”

Jackie L.

"Stephanie Marino is a powerhouse of inspiration. She teaches women how to love themselves from the inside out. She is one of those people who just gets to you with her openness and honesty."

Val L. Owner and Founder of Elephant Networking.

Womans Moon Circle

Join the sisterhood in this special gathering that I host monthly to celebrate the moon cycles and our natural connection to it. Meet new people, share your thoughts and/or spirit and join the movement, as we position ourselves together to create positivity creativity and community amongst the devine feminine spirit.

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